About Tecmedi

Simply an abbreviation of what I create.

Technical and medical illustrations.

I have been producing high quality, detailed technical and medical illustrations for over twenty years both conventionally and for the last 20+ years digitally on Mac for the design, publishing, manufacturing and advertising industries.

From the initial contact with the client, to discussing their visual requirements, through to completion of the final illustrations, each project, large or small, is carried out with the same high level of commitment and professionalism.

If you have any current or future projects you would like to discuss or just want some extra information or advice please feel free to get in touch.

"Look it's a tin can"

My name is Martin Woodward

I have been a freelance illustrator for over twenty years. I was always drawing and sketching as a kid and one of my favourite pastimes was drawing from the Marvel and DC comics I used to collect.

I used to have quite a few science and information books as well, Purnell's 'Find out about' books and the Ladybird series of 'How it works'. Both had some stunning images in them.I was always amazed by these pictures and wondered how they were created. I used to sketch and draw these images as well, always interested in the engineering and science subjects. One of my favorite books was 'The Rocket'. I use to also sketch out and draw the components from the Hayes Manuals as well.

A teacher introduced me to the work of Robert W. Gill. He had written a book called 'Rendering with pen and ink', published by Thames and Hudson. It was just inspiring to me that you could convey so much information like shadow, tone, texture, etc, with just pen and ink. After months of drawing in pen and ink and trying different techniques I wanted to start creating some images in colour.I came across another book by Radu Vero, 'Airbrush: The complete studio handbook'. It was from this book that I learnt most of my airbrush techniques.

I went on to do a Foundation course in Art and Design at Barnet Colledge and then a BA Honours Degree in Graphic Design specializing in Technical Illustration at Middlesex Polytechnic. I completed this course with a First Class Honours degree and a distinction for my thesis.

From there I took a job at a design consultants in London for three years as their in-house illustration consultant and from then on I have been a freelance technical and medical illustrator. I started working on Apple Mac computers from 1997 onwards. In marrying my conventional skills with the computer I hope I have produced some interesting and successful images over the years. I know I get the same satisfaction from producing a good piece of work on computer for my clients as I did from conventional work, there is very little difference in that respect.

I hope you enjoy looking over the site.

Kind regards